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Generation of electricity by using the natural flow of water is a technique that has been used for ages, and hydroelectricity amounts to one-sixth of the world's electricity generation!

One such hydroelectric project lies between the municipalities of San Manuel and San Nicolas in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines and makes an imposing impression. The San Roque dam built on the Agno River is 200 metres tall and 1.2 kilometres long and is operated under the San Roque Multipurpose Project (SRMP). It is the largest dam in the country and the sixteenth largest in the world.

The San Roque dam has a 435MW hydroelectric power station and holds a 25-year power purchase agreement with the National Power Corporation in the Philippines that will end on 30 April 2028. Registered with the GCC since 1 January 2021, 328,00MWh of renewable energy has been certified subsequently.

Irrigation to 21,000 hectares of farmland in the Pangasinan province is provided annually after the completion of the Agno River Integrated Irrigation Project. The San Roque reservoir has a large holding capacity, which allows it to store the heavy inflow of water during the rainy season from July to November, and gradually release the water downstream to avoid flooding. During extreme flood events, authorities regulate the amount of water that can be released based on data obtained via communication systems.

The reservoir's dead storage also serves as a settling basin and traps sediments generated by typhoons and upstream mining activities, thus improving the quality of the water that can be used for downstream irrigation facilities.

With so many benefits like water storage, irrigation, as well as flood control and improving the quality of water for the local communities downstream, the San Roque dam is the true definition of a construction that serves multiple purposes!

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